Accidents caused by faulty garage doors are more expensive than garage door replacement.

Your garage door is considered as one of the visible and most prominent elements of your home. Depending on its orientation and size, it can fairly contribute to the beauty of your home. Well, as time passes, your garage door will begin to fail. Some parts will no longer function normally. So long as it isn’t completely damaged, you should continue using your garage door right?

This isn’t a good idea because statistics have shown the dangers of not replacing your garage door. Yes, it might still look good on the surface, but when it’s too difficult to lift or unresponsive when using the remote control, these are visible signs that your garage door needs replacement.

When you’re not observing proper maintenance, you’ll notice that your garage door starts to break over the years. The material and construction will determine how long your garage door will last. The durable the materials the longer your garage door will serve you. If you have steel garage doors, expect the material to last longer than other materials. Steel is secure and robust. It’s also easy to maintain and affordable as well. Many homeowners prefer steel garage doors because they look attractive, especially on exterior surfaces.

The best thing about steel is that it doesn’t crack as wood does. Even when exposed to extreme weather or harsh elements, you can be sure that your steel garage doors will stand strong through the years. Some modern steel garage doors don’t need painting because of their high-tech finishes.

If you prefer the less-expensive type, you can also count on single-layer steel doors. Some garage door options to consider which are made of steel are double layer steel doors and premium triple-layer steel doors.

If you prefer wood garage doors, this material won’t disappoint because you can now choose from a wide range of exquisitely made doors. Aside from their warm and natural look, wood garage doors are also elegant-looking. There’s one disadvantage though. Since wood is prone to weathering, you will need to have your wood garage doors repainted every few years to restore its beauty. You might also want to take note that manufactured wood garage doors only provide a one-year warranty.

Replacing your garage door might come to mind when you’re remodeling your house or buying a brand new home. It’s no small task. You need to take many factors into consideration including the price, style, and materials. Making a final decision is challenging. If you’re looking to buy more than just the basic model, expect to shell out thousands of dollars, especially if you want to consider top-of-the-line options. When you consider replacing your garage door, you’re also increasing your home’s value. That said, garage door replacement is also an investment.

If you’re on the verge of replacing your garage door, here are some helpful questions you might want to ask yourself before you start your project:


Is a new garage door necessary?

The decision to replace your garage door will depend on the material it’s made from. If you have a wood garage door, you know for a fact that it’ll rot, metal doors may get damaged easily when banged up. You have no other option but to replace your door if you are faced with these situations. So what if your garage door is just not functioning correctly? Is replacement necessary? Garage door repair might just do the trick. You may need to assess the situation for you to decide which path you should take. So for instance, your garage door only needs some patching as the air penetrates through the edges, replacement is not the solution.

There are issues which can be fixed by a simple paint. This is so true if you have wood or metal garage doors. If replacing your garage door is inevitable, you’ll need to choose the type of garage door you’ll replace the old one with. Aside from the style, consider the garage door costs as well. You might be scratching your head, wondering about the factors that determine the cost of your garage door. The cost of your door will depend on the parts you need to install, the labor costs, and many others. On average, garage door replacement may cost around $300. That’s only the minimum amount you have to pay for the garage door replacement.

Garage Door Installation

While installing the garage door yourself is a less expensive idea, it doesn’t mean that safety is guaranteed. You don’t know the components of your garage door, and even if it looks manageable, things are often easier said than done. You’re not reducing the cost of garage door replacement if it means putting yourself at risk of injury. Why would you replace the garage door yourself when you can hire an expert like Family Garage Doors?

You can count on Family Garage Doors when it comes to replacing your old garage door. Whether it’s a residential or commercial garage door, Family Garage Garage Doors has more than a decade of experience in handling all sorts of garage door issues. When you need the replacement to be as smooth as possible, you can put your trust in Family Garage Garage Doors.

What Makes Family Garage Garage Doors Different?


Highly Trained and Certified Crews:

They don’t mess with amateurs. They screen each candidate to make sure that the team members are licensed and certified.

High-Quality Doors:

Garage doors come from top-notch manufacturers known for their durable and valuable garage doors.

Warranty Protection:

The warranty covers labor, parts, and doors. Family Garage Garage Doors makes sure that you fully understand the warranty policy.

Full-service repairs:

Whether you need same-day appointments or emergency repair services, our team members will take care of your needs.

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