You might have thought about repairing the garage door yourself or hiring a cheap garage door company. DON’T!

Not all companies that appear on your doorstep are qualified to do the job. At this stage, you need to be extra careful by hiring a reputable company that can do the job properly. So where do you start?

If you’re hiring a residential garage door repair company for the first time, you might accept anyone who offers you their service. You don’t have the luxury of time so that any repair company will do. Well, you might do more harm than good. Be careful when choosing a repair company because you might come across a prospect who’s not qualified.

Before you call a repair company, read these smart tips. It can save you from hiring the WRONG company.

Industries, especially the ones that are highly technical and specialized including garage door repair can become a perfect target for scams. Threats are prevalent in this industry. Knowing the difference between trusted professionals and manipulative companies is a must. Not to worry, you can narrow down your selection and get one of the best repair companies in the industry. Here’s how:


Make a list of possible candidates

Before you get any work done, start by getting multiple bids. Never be in a rush to hire a repair company immediately without checking their qualifications. The numerous proposals you obtain will serve as your basis for knowing whether or not you’re getting a great deal. Of course, compare apples to apples taking warranty, customer support, and rates into consideration. There’s one caveat though: focusing on the service cost is not a good idea because the cheapest is not always the best option.

Verify Critical Information

Price is not the sole basis for the company’s reputation. It’s just a tiny fraction of identifying a company’s legitimacy and professionalism. You might want to check your prospects’ website, physical address and online reputation as well. However, hey, beware of fake reviews. Many fake reviews are circulating online. They seem too real, but you might want to take the time to conduct a further investigation to be sure. The aforementioned information will help you decide whether the company you’re dealing with is genuine or will rip you off.

Get Recommendations

What better way to hire a trustworthy residential garage door repair company than to ask family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, there’s a better chance that you’ll get a reputable company if it comes from someone who has hired them in the past. When you ask real people, there will be no pretentions — no need to become apprehensive because these people have already paid for the service. You can expect the people you’re asking to be honest and upfront. No sugarcoating. Unless, of course, they’re endorsing their own company. They don’t get a kickback for their referrals so you can be sure that they won’t provide you with wrong information.

Better Business Bureau is the way to go

When all else fails, you can go to Better Business Bureau (BBB) to search the name of the garage door repair company. Find out if some reviews and complaints will lead you in the right direction. The website tells you if a company has a poor rating or doesn’t have any accreditation. You may want to think twice if the company you’ll be working with doesn’t have any accreditation. You’re in good hands if the company has a strong rating and has been accredited for long periods. It showed just how professional and respected the company in the industry.

Watch Out For Red Flags

As much as you try to avoid working with untrustworthy companies, there’s still a possibility that you will fall prey to their schemes if you’re not careful. Some of the red flags you have to look out for are multiple company names, excessive advertising, and your intuition. If you feel that something’s not right, trust your intuition. You’ll feel at ease when you’re dealing with an honest repair company.

Avoid These Residential Garage Door Scams


Lifetime Guarantee-Wait What?

Who wouldn’t sell his kidney for a lifetime guarantee? Kidding aside, when a company promises you a lifetime guarantee, think twice, especially if such a guarantee only covers parts. When you assume that you have a lifetime warranty, it means that everything you need to keep your garage door up and running doesn’t require any extra charge. For trustworthy brands, warranty policies are clear. It’s never vague like the ones provided scammers and con artists.

This so-called lifetime guarantee will only take you for a ride. The technician installs a cheap part, and when it breaks, you’ll immediately ask for help from this repair company, oblivious to the fact that the warranty doesn’t cover the labor costs. You end up paying for the expensive labor costs because you’re left with no choice.


Mr. Who: The Curious Case of an Unidentified Technician

A scammer doesn’t take full responsibility for the garage door repair job. They will hire an independent contractor from an unknown source. When something goes wrong, it will be difficult for you to call the contractor as you have no idea about their contact details. The fact that you are unaware of the mystery technician’s reputation makes it harder for you to trace them. It would help if you looked for a qualified technician to do the job, but this also means shelling out an exorbitant amount of cash. Oooops!

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